Any commercial building or place of business can use a wide range of electrical services whether it is maintenance or installation. There are different areas of a building, both interior and exterior, that require a lot of power and components to function properly. Kinzler Electric are master electricians and commercial electrical contractors in Carrollton, Texas who can handle all your commercial electric needs.

Parking decks and parking lots should always have sufficient lighting at night. It is not only code, but also presents safety for anyone who uses the building at night. A popular commercial electrical service is to have the lighting installed and maintained so that there is always lighting outside. If the lighting has been damaged, this includes all exterior lamps and an electrician can even replace the ballast that holds each light up.


Inside any office warehouse, store, or building there has to be a large amount of lighting and wiring present. Just maintaining all of these lights is a job in itself. You can schedule with your commercial electrical contractor a normal maintenance schedule to check that each electrical component is working properly and to regularly change out burnt light bulbs.

Wiring is also important to keep in perfect working order inside commercial buildings because of the safety hazards involved. If you are having shorts or any other problems your commercial electrical contractor can come in and fix a small problem before it evolves into something more serious. You can have safety measures installed on breaker boxes and circuit lines to further protect people inside your commercial building.


Many places of business use lighted signage to attract potential customers and to let people know what your place of business represents. Your electrical contractor may offer you the service of completely lighting your signage and even can install the sign itself. You have many choices as to what type of lighting you can use in this type of application.

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