One thing that every parking lot needs is decent lighting; it’s become an essential part of a business. Parking lot lights serve a lot of necessary functions from safety and security to increasing visibility at night. Installing the right number and type of lights as well as maintaining them is an important part of achieving the right look as well as maintaining adequate security and safety.


Businesses want to provide a certain degree of safety for both their customers and their employees as they go and come from the building. After all if a business doesn’t feel safe customers, and even some sought after employees, may be inclined to choose a competitor if they feel more comfortable parking and walking to and from their building. Don’t underestimate the importance of creating a pleasant environment that feels safe.

The right parking lot lighting can also help keep your business safe. Creating a pleasant and safe environment to help attract people to your business, proper illumination will also help deter criminals. Most criminal acts committed at offices buildings and shopping centers occur in the parking lot. Granted, parking lot lights won’t stop all crimes, but it can help significantly decrease them as places that are well lit are less tempting for criminals. In some cases providing a safe environment can even help prevent potential lawsuits.


When planning a new design and installing new parking lot lights it is essential to hire professionals for this. Installing parking lot lights is an investment; it is something you want done right so you can get the best benefit from your investment.

The master electricians at Kinzler Electric can help you devise the best parking lot lighting design to fit your specific needs. Maybe you simply need pole lights, but if you want a less sterile look you may want to use a mix of lights like pole and bollard lights, maybe even a few landscaping lights if you have landscaped areas in the parking lot.

Professionals will make sure the all the lights in your parking lot and building exterior are properly wired and installed. They can also help you find energy efficient lighting that will help save you money on your electric bills each month.


If your system is older you may want to consider updating or retrofitting with newer energy efficient lighting.. If the lights aren’t shinning as brightly, if they are flickering or if they burn out quickly they may need some attention.

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting for your parking lot. They can be a liability or an asset to a business depending on their condition.

Contact Kinzler Electric today at (214) 502-4704 for a free estimate for your parking lot lighting. The new LED parking lot lights can save you thousands of dollars a year in electricity costs.

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