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Commercial Electric Repair & Installation

From installation to maintenance, Kinzler Electric's master electricians can tackle any of your commercial electric needs. Ask us about efficient LED lighting that can save you thousands of dollars a year on your electric costs. We want to be your go-to commercial electrical contractor.

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Parking Lot Lighting & Exterior Lighting

Exterior and parking lot lighting improves the security and nighttime appearance of your business, attracting customers and promoting your business image. Kinzler Electric installs attractive, energy-saving LED exterior lighting for your business. Call us today to update your exterior lighting.

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Replacing Federal Pacific Electrical Panels

If you have a Federal Pacific Breaker Box in your home, call Kinzler Electric to replace it right away. Federal Pacific electrical panels have been shown to be unsafe, and can overheat and cause fires. Don't risk your family's safety -- replace yours today before it's too late!

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